Our TEAM are unique people who can solve many problems. Sharpening skates, gluing sticks, repairing inline skates are their daily bread. They are well trained, they can carry out very complex repairs and services. If you have a hardware problem, you’ve come to the right place!

Head of Service

The heart and brain of our website knows exactly every service we offer. In many cases, he was blazing the trail, working on the unique solutions we offer. A great specialist, a passionate constructor and a great person.

Listen to what he says. MOVIE


A serviceman, whom you will meet every day at our point in Ruda Śląska, but he is also assigned to difficult sections where efficient and quick services are needed. One of such points is our service in Tychy. SPORTREBEL TYCHY is visited by many hockey players who require exceptional service and a very personalized approach.


Our serviceman permanently serving the point in Tychy. Former hockey player, floorball player and active referee. Cheerful and witty, with professional knowledge, he works well in the demanding section of Tychy.

If you visit our service in Tychy, it is worth asking him for advice, especially in terms of servicing hockey equipment. He is involved in the promotion of floorball in Poland, as well as appreciated for his refereeing skills and experience in this sport discipline.


Head of SPORTREBEL SERVICE in Łódź. An avid hockey player, coach of the ŁKH Łódź team, a man deeply involved in the development of hockey. He has extensive experience in the service of equipment, supported by work with young people and seniors. In his free time, he devotes himself to motorcycle tourism.


He knows the inside of hockey, he is also a coach of the youth team HUKS Niedźwiadki Gdynia and the Wróbel Hockey Academy. He knows perfectly well how to sharpen ice skates according to the preferences of each player. He specializes in selecting a perfect skid profile. He can repair any broken grind. He is also very good at servicing inline skates. Figure skaters of synchronous groups entrust him their ice skates.


He has been servicing hockey equipment for 12 years. The best hockey players in Poland trusted him, entrusting their ice skates to the service before the most important matches. Since 2014, he has been servicing hockey equipment for the senior team of MH Automatyka Gdańsk. He will be happy to explain all the secrets of selecting a right profile or groove depth. He specializes in the service of seemingly impossible things. In 2018, during the EIHC in Gdańsk, he ran a service for the National Team of Seniors.


A one man band in the Poznań hockey environment.

A great organizer, hockey enthusiast and nice friend. Jacek runs the SPORTREBEL POZNAŃ franchise, where you will find a great selection of hockey equipment, inline skates and a professional SPORTREBEL SERVICE.

If you need perfectly sharpened skates, changing the blade profile or a service of inline skates, come to the Chwiałka Ice Rinks, Jacek is waiting for you!


The service manager of our point in Torun.

For years Darek has been one of the central parts of the field hockey world in Toruń. Familiar with the equipment and the game, he knows the specifics of field hockey service, and very importantly, the service of equipment for figure skating, which is extremely rare.

Always smiling and professional, he helps our customers in all the problems that they come with. In the summer, Darek, like any of our rebels, turns ice to wheels and services your wonders on wheels until they roar!
We invite you to SPORTREBEL TORUŃ.